Our 2018 Edition

The goal for this edition was to program a wide variety of events that showcase all the facets of sound synthesis – from building workshops, tutorials and workshops, concerts, synth petting zoos, and masterclasses.  The aim is to bring together Montréal’s community of synthesists – from those just starting out to seasoned veterans – and offer a forum to share their love of sound, help develop their understanding and technique and open doors to communication and collaboration between individuals.

The theme of this edition is Quadraphonic. Many fantastic pieces of early electronic synthesis were composed and recorded for four-channel sound, but for most listeners this type of spatial experience is simply not practical. While the techniques of surround sound have evolved and changed over the years, a quadraphonic sound set-up remains a relatively simple and impressive introduction to multi-channel listening.  With several evenings devoted to both recorded and live quadraphonic musical performances, we hope to give those who have never experienced the technique a chance to explore what it has to offer.