Saturday, June 16th – 3:00 PM

Le Mini-Fest Synthé de MontréalLe Mini-Fest du Synthé de Montréal invites you to bring your synths and modular systems to Eastern Bloc for a Saturday full of fun.  Like a synth petting zoo with the added bonus of a chance to chat with your colleagues – share your approach, your techniques, your designs, your philosophy, and your creations if you wish. Beginners and the synth-curious are welcome to participate and ask questions to the many gurus of patch-cable spaghetti who will be present. In the great tradition of the MFSM the evening will end in a series of performances that will transport you into uncharted sonic territories.

Tips for those bringing their instruments: While we will have several tables available, please bring your own power bars and headphones/portable speakers. We will have a locked area to check in systems for those who want to pop out to grab a bite to eat before the concert at 8:00 PM.

HexinverterDoors: 3:00 PM – Admission: Free

Co-sponsored by Hexinverter, who will be generously supplying a voucher for their new Mutant Brain as part of a raffle prize for this event!

Free! Gratuit!