Saturday, June 23rd – 8:00 PM

Cineclub Film Society Presents - Woman in the Moon Live Cine-concert

Cineclub Film Society

The Cinéclub Film Society presents a one-of-a-kind event. A woman astronaut helps lead an expedition to the moon in search of gold, travelling in art deco style while using visionary space technology. As a follow up to his 1927 Sci-Fi masterpiece, METROPOLIS, Fritz Lang created the equally ambitious WOMAN IN THE MOON (FRAU IM MOND) in 1929.

This type of silent German cinema is more fantastical, surreal and purely visual than its Hollywood counterpart and often resembles, not reality but, the world of dreams – and nightmares. Here is your very rare chance to experience it with LIVE music by some of Montreal’s top silent film accompanists: Erica Bridgeman, Beth McKenna and Shayne Gryn, this time taking an electro-acoustic approach.

To be preceded by the iconic A TRIP TO THE MOON (1902, restored colour version) by Georges Méliès with everything projected as genuine 16mm motion-picture film from the archives of The Film Society of Montreal.

Doors: 8:00 PM – Tickets : $17, $12 (students, 65+) (taxes incl.) Sold out. Popcorn, beer, and sweets will be available.


$12 / $17 | 12$ / 17$