Friday, June 22nd – 8:00 PM

Tribute to Mort Subotnick
In special recognition of his contributions to the field of synthesis and electronic music, as well as in celebration of his 85th birthday we will be presenting a special evening of programming as A Tribute to Morton Subotnick.

As a highlight event that features this edition’s quadraphonic theme, we will revisit Subotnick’s pioneering four-channel recordings Touch (1969) and Sidewinder (1971). In addition to experiencing these compositions as they were intended be heard, new music taking inspiration from Morton’s early works will be performed live in quadraphonic sound using Buchla modular synthesizers, the type of instrument that Subotnick made famous on these recordings and his seminal Silver Apples of the Moon (1967).

JagraPerformers: Pat McMaster, Yulian Pugachevsky

Doors: 8:00 PM – Admission: $10

This event is sponsored by Jagra Records


$10 / 10$